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Collection of secondary materials

Waste of the Month
Car wrecks
Seen from several viewpoints
Information system for discarded cars
Car wrecks in 2005
Collection of car wrecks from the district of Vsetín

Topic of the Month
Fuel obtained from wastes
Waste as a source of renewable energy

Wastes and renewable sources. A conflict or a happy marriage?
Technical and legislative aspects of transformation of wastes into energy
Transboundary transport of wastes for transformation into energy
Alternative fuels for the production of cement - a service for society
Production of fuels from wastes through a mechanico-biological treatment
By-products from a power station

Possibilities of utilisation
Energy recovery of wastes

Wastes and products (continued)
Standpoint of the departments of legislation and wastes
Provisional regulations in the Act on Wastes

Science and Research
Heat work of combustion ovens for wastes
Textile recycling in projects of research and development

From the European Union
News from the EU

A list of individuals authorised by the Ministry of Health to assess hazardous properties of wastes
Excerpted from foreign specialised periodicals

Patron of the Issue
Kovošrot Prague, a. s.
Metal waste - Metallurgical materials - Redemption of car wrecks