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Seminar on secondary materials: Recapitulation
Reclamation technologies, VIII
New types of waste containers
Old contaminated sites
Clinical wastes
Biologically degradable wastes
Dustcart vehicles, as used beneath the Kost castle

Yearbook on Waste Management
Present state of fulfilling the Plan of Waste Management
Selected activities of State Administration in waste management

Chronological survey.
A review of valid regulations
A survey of liable legal rules, related regulations and cited rules in waste management.
Methodical instructions, communications and legal opinions of Ministry of Environment for the field of waste management
Implementation programmes
Standards in waste management
Statistical data collection on wastes

History and methodical aspects of the annual statistical investigation of wastes, as performed by the Czech Statistical Office.
Production of wastes in 2003
Outputs from the statistical investigation Odp 5-01 of the Czech Statistical Office.
Trends of waste production and handling in the CR
Data from the Information System of Waste Management.
Studies designated for the state administration discharge and elaborated in 2004 for the Department of Wastes of the Ministry of Environment
The Czech Environmental Inspectorate in 2004

Activities of the Department of Wastes and Chemical Substances.
Subvention from the sources of the State Environmental Fund of the CR and ERDF
CENIA, the Czech Information Agency of Environment, has been founded
Secondary materials in 2005
The Centre for Waste Management

Research performed for the waste management in 2005 year.
Separation of paper packaging, as related to the reaching the goals of Packaging Act
Certification in waste management
Executive director of the SUCO association answers the questions put by our editors.

From the European Union
A survey of the valid regulations of the EC since January 1, 2004, till May 31, 2005
Legislation of the EC between 2005 and 2007

Assumed trends, gestions for individual regulations.
World TOP 10 of waste management companies

Science and Research
Projects from the database of the Central Register of Projects
Diploma theses, focused on waste handling
Examination of properties of combustible wastes
List of Czech universities offering the teaching of the waste management

Bulletin of the Czech Association of Waste Management
Reader's opinion

Are mineral fibres hazardous for health?

Special Supplement: Prague aAnd Wastes
A complex system of municipal waste sorting
A system of municipal waste handling. Financing. Pilot projects in 2004.