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Question of the month
A reply to the question of September
Conference on biologically degradable wastes: For the fourth time at the town of Náměšť
Costs in waste management in 2009
ODPADY - LUHAČOVICE 2008/WASTES - LUHAČOVICE 2008: Congress and Exhibition

Amendatory Act on metallic scrap: How to deal with individuals trying to sell stolen metal at collection points
Two different views of the new legal regulation of the metal-wastes taking-back.
Interaction between the system of compulsory deposits for now non-returnable packaging and that of municipal wastes sorting
New directives

Electric waste
Also cell phones will become waste
Interesting statistical numbers of and raw materials in cell phones.
Do we keep files of electric wastes or electric appliances?
E-houses for collection and storing the electric appliances
Czechs are getting better in sorting the waste electric appliances
Results of a unique research.
The results of the ECOBAT collection organisation
Incompleteness of electric appliances is still a problem
Company presentation of Electrowin.
Ekolamp: something for everybody
Company presentation.
A way to possible cooperation between the collection systems in the Czech Republic
A way to a possible cooperation between collective systems in the Czech Republic
The collective systems REMA-systém, Retela and OFO-systém constituted a common clearing centre.
No fluorescent tubes into dustbin!
Collecting light sources in the Prague 6 District
Results of collection systems are eloquent
The taking-back of electric appliances in Slovakia.
Stena Safina, Inc. - Innovative Recycling
Company presentation.
The REMA system is coming to the shopping centres with bulky containers for electric waste
Company presentation.
Presentation of the OFO-recycling, Ltd., collection system
Company presentation.

Legal qualification is not easy

Separation of PVC from commingled waste plastics using a two-phase centrifuge

The TerraTec and enertec Fairs in Leipzig
A bonus for new subscribers to Odpadové Fórum/Waste Forum