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Question of the month
The ASEKOL Fund will support publicly beneficial projects
9th WASTES AND MUNICIPALITIES Conference held in the town of Hradec Králové
Underground containers: presentation in practice
Recommendations issued by the Hazardous Waste Conference
The ENVIBRNO Fair: almost no wastes in sight
IFAT 2008: neither disappointment, nor fascination
Slovak Conference TOP 2008

2007 (and the first half of 2008): debits and credits
Strategy of development of waste-handling in municipalities and towns in the Czech Republic. A brief genesis of the evolution
A brief summary of the strategic document of municipalities, towns and regions
Will the new directive on wastes be a benefit for the Czech waste management?
A petition organised by Union of Towns and Municipalities and Association of Regions of the Czech Republic
Development of production of and handling with selected sorts of wastes in the CR in the period between 2004 and 2006
A prognosis of municipal-waste production
Can we afford to waste the wastes?
A non-believing environmentalist, recycling and a plan
Running changes of legal regulations
Standards in waste management
Methodical instructions and communications issued by the Ministry of Environment for the field of waste management
Results of the activities of the Czech Environmental Inspectorate in 2007
Activities of the CENIA Agency in the field of waste management in 2008
Centre for Waste Management in 2008
A review of the EC directives approved between June 1, 2007, and May 31, 2008
Research and development projects from the Central Registration of Projects

Shall we live to see secondary materials besides the wastes?
A new basis for the management systems

Ownership of waste

Top themes of the WASTES-LUHAČOVICE 2008 Congress
Successful projects in the field of waste handling and old contaminated-site remedies
Taking-back of electric-light appliances: a collective system Ekolamp

A common Czech participation at the Pollutec Fair at Lyon