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A memorandum issued from the meeting of Ministers of Environment of the Czech and Slovak Republics
Do not be lazy: Sort the waste
Tyres in the Chamber of Deputies
Biogas in the Goethe Institute

Questions and answers - not only for the regions
Explanation of the most frequently occurring ambiguities connected with the Plan of Waste Management of the CR New standards
Changes in programmes of the State Environmental Fund of the CR
Classification of wastes according to their actual properties
Theory and practice, as seen by an Inspector of Environment.

Waste of the Month
From the Realisation programme for the decontamination and disposal of devices containing PCB
An excerpt of the most important information and data.

Topic of the Month
Transportation of Wastes
Transboundary transportation of wastes after the accession of the CR to the EU
Changes of waste import and export, expected after the accession of the CR to the EU. New role of the custom offices.
Some data on the collection and transportation
Choice of the containers used for the collection of commingled municipal waste and individual sorted components. Dustcart vehicles utilised: Choice according to the type of undercarriage and body.
Reloading stations and their utilisation for the waste collection and sorting
An assessment of the three basic types of reloading stations.
Waste collection technology. Its age, renovation, reloading stations
Results of an enquiry performed at waste collecting companies.
Transregional transportation of wastes
How does it affect the waste management of the regions and what relevant information is available.

From the European Union
Municipal waste management in Paris: A few "probes"
European Committee demands the collection and recycling of all used batteries
A proposal of a new European regulation over batteries.

Science and Research
Phytoremediation: A method of removing contaminants from environment
Sterile and hydroponics experiments: An attempt to accumulate Ni, Zn, Cr, and Pb in poplar and maize.

Bulletin of the Czech Association of Waste Management
WASTE - a specialised Internet journal 03/2004
The ENVIBRNO Fair in sight
A meeting of the friends of the Odpadové Forum journal
A jubilee: Mr. Bohumil Beneš, Ing. is septuagenarian.
Excerpted from foreign periodicals