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A seminar on environmental criminality
Waste and Municipalities: A conference
Facts about the TOP 2005 Conference
Wastes 21. Conclusions and recommendations from the 5th annual conference

Waste of the Month
Waste plastics
Possibilities and limitations of plastics recycling
A survey of technologies for plastics waste utilisation
A list of plastics processing manufacturers in the CR
Collecting and recycling of discarded PVC-based products
Innovations in the PET bottles utilisation

Topic of the Month
Waste Treatment
Mechanic-biological treatment of municipal wastes. A verification of applicability
Vibration drives - transport and sorting
Electromagnetic separation of wastes. A review of possibilities
Sorting and crushing scoops for waste treatment

Municipal and other waste handling
A new regulation on waste landfilling

Have we managed it better now with WEEE?

Supplement of the Journal
WASTES LUHAÈOVICE 2005: 13th International Congress and Exhibition