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Commodity strategy  -  6

A centre for waste management  -  7


Demolition waste  -  8

Demolition waste recycling  -  8
Production and recycling of the demolition wastes in the Czech Republic and in European countries. An estimate of possible substituting the natural raw materials by those obtained from recycled demolition wastes.

Demolition waste recycling as illustrated by examples  -  12


Industrial waste waters  -  13

Purification of sewage waters from the car wash  -  13
Types of waste waters and ways of their purification. Disposal plants equipped with a floating filtration bed.

Waste waters from stomatological facilities  -  15
An important step toward a reduction of the pollution of waste waters by mercury.

Disposal and recycling of industrial waste waters by distillation  -  16
A description of a distillation device equipped with a thermocompressor.

Distillation device of the SV Recyklaèní zaøízení company, as compared with similar products  -  17

Indices and values of permissible water pollution  -  18
Comments coming from industrial enterprises on Governmental Decree on the indices and values of permissible water pollution.

Purification of waste waters from landfills and industrial processes     19


Background of a scientific centre. Institute of Chemical Technology Prague, Faculty of Chemical Technology, Department of Polymers  -  20

Economic balance of hazardous waste stabilisation/solidification using melted asphalt binder  -  23
Expenses for hazardous waste disposal can be reduced by using an asphalt binder common in road building.


A concept of waste management in the South Moravian Region. Experience on processing  -  25
A thorough verification of all input data has been done.


Again on toll for municipal waste  -  28
Most frequent questions answered by a lawyer, JUDr. Zdeòka Jirásková, of Ministry of Finance.


Envikongres 2002  -  30
Programme of the congress devoted to introducing integrated prevention and reduction of pollution into individual branches of economy.

Wastes 21  -  31
Information on topics and accompanying programme of the 2nd Annual Ostrava Conference.

State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic - Evaluation of the questionnaire action  -  32
Regional agencies of the Fund were finding out what do municipalities plan and intend in the field of gasification, building of purification plants, sewerages, waste collection depots or waste sorting lines, and landfill sanitation etc.

IFAT 2002  -  32
Thanks to the subsidies by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Czech Republic will be well represented at the Munich Fair this year.

Calendar  -  33