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US grants for wastes and contaminated sites    6

Analytical data in practice    7

Waste of the Month
Metallic wastes    8

Car wrecks and the electrotechnological scrap - a preparation of new legal regulations    8
EU legislation in this field and the changes being prepared in the Czech Republic.

Electrotechnological scrap recycling - the source of raw materials    10
A new dismantling facility has been established in the town of Sadská. After a year of operation, it is already profitable.

Structural changes of iron wastes - non-traditional source of iron wastes    11
Iron scrap: the abundance and export now, shortage in a few years. This problem can be solved by increased recycling of the amortisation waste. Simultaneously, the demands on scrap purity increase.

An association of electrotechnological waste recycling enterprises    12

Tolls for municipal waste: a reconsidered topic    13
Questions and answers: continued from the preceding issue.

The present state of recycling, industrial composting and incineration in the Czech Republic will probably not meet the EU regulation on land filling    26
A comment on the Strategy of Implementation and Investment for the EU regulations on wastes in the field of biodegradable wastes.

Sanitation and reclamation

The utilisation of biodegradable wastes, including the sludge from sewage disposal plants, for reclamation    14
According to the present Czech legislation, compost materials and sewage sludge can be applied only for farmland. Two ways how to solve the problem are presented.

Controlled horizontal drilling as applied to the sanitation of contaminated underground waters and soils    16
Three examples of an application of unconventional technology.

Science and Research
Non-catalytic combustion of halogenated hydrocarbons with natural gas    18
Halogenated hydrocarbons can be eliminated even in simple incinerators. The disadvantage of the process is a high consumption of natural gas.

The possibilities of valorisation of chromium containing wastes after the treatment by enzymatic hydrolysis    20
Various simple procedures for removing proteinaceous fraction from the chromic filter cake.


Regional Conceptions
A conception of waste management for the Region of Ústí nad Labem    22
A synopsis and conclusions of the final report on the first finalised regional conception.

An evaluation of the transfer of wastes across the regional borders - experience gained during the constituting the regional conceptions    24
A methodical note on the unification of approach of all originators of regional conceptions.

Technology for environmental protection    12
An invitation to the most important environmental conference in Slovakia

State Fund of Environment - Financial support for waste handling in 2001    25

A selection from the programs accompanying the FOR ECO and FOR HABITAT Fairs    25

Bulletin of the Czech Association of the Waste Management    26

Calendar    27

Excerpted from foreign specialised periodicals    28

Legislation Pages of the Journal
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Table of contents of the Handbook of Waste Management    1
CD-ROM for waste management    2
PRO-ECO Ostrava Ltd. - software for waste management    3
The EkoPartner information system - a complex solution for companies of all dimensions    3
Inisoft Ltd. logistics for companies dealing with waste management    4