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In the Kovohutě Příbram plant: after a year 8
Water management of the municipal waste landfills 9
The ODPADY 2002 Conference in Slovakia 10
Star-like separating screen 11

Landfills after accession to EU 12
After accession to EU, the demands made on the foundation and technical safety of the landfills will be more restrictive, and the amounts and variety of wastes, acceptable for landfilling, will be reduced.
Are the Czech landfills ready for our accession to EU? 13
Changes of technical standards for landfilling. A procedure of conforming the operated landfills to EU regulations. An assessment of the existing landfills in the CR.

Waste Handling
Other radioactive wastes 16
During the coal mining and firing, the production of some on-ferrous metals, phosphate fertilisers etc., wastes containing radioactive substances are produced. So far, little attention has been paid to the radiation safety of such wastes.
Implementing instruction for the assessment of leachability of wastes 20
Among others, procedures of the preparation of the aqueous leachate, as well as demands made on the documentation and interpretation of the results, are being worked out.
The use of waterway transport for waste management 21
Information on the results of the project realised in 2000-2002 in the Research Institute of Water Management.
Waste Handling in Slovakia 22
The present state and changes of waste management legislation and the programmes of waste management.

Mechanico-biological waste processing. An excursion to Austria 15
Two localities have been visited: Freistadt and Linz. In both sites, biodegradable, separately collected waste is processed.
A new standard 15
A new standard has been issued which makes demands on measuring and testing hazardous substances in packaging and their releasing to the environment.
Chamber of Deputies took cognisance of the Report on the State of Environment of the CR in 2001 19
In 2001, over 20 billions of Czech Crowns have been invested in favour of the environmental protection in the CR.
Accompanying programmes of the FOR HABITAT and ECO CITY 2002 fairs 23
Excerpted from foreign specialised periodicals 24
Calender 26

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