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Reclamation of dioxins has started in the Spolana chemical plant 6
New credits for the utilization of landfill gases and alternative fuels 7
International Engineering Fair and EnviBrno 9
Entsorga Köln 2003 9
A tender will be invited in Lebanon 9

Plans and programs of waste managements of the Czech and Slovak Republics or Czechia vs. Slovakia 1:3 10

Waste of the Month
Alternative fuels 12
Fuels produced from wastes 15
Alternative fuels based on combustible wastes in cement works 18
New plant for an alternative fuel 19

Company Presentation
Production of an alternative fuel from solid wastes, Used tires crashing for cement works 20
A new program for energy saving projects 21
Purification of waste gases - a solution presented by HK Engineering Co. 26

Purification of waste gases 22
Methods for reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds 22
The VOC catalytic oxidation with foregoing concentration 22

Special Supplement
The Liberec region
Waste management 30
Transformation of municipal wastes into energy within the system of waste handling in the region 32
Waste separate collection in schools 34

Science and Research
Testing commercially available adsorption materials for the waste gas purification 36
Emission concentrations during the combustion of non-contaminated wood waste 39

On the Plan, once again 20
Bulletin of the Czech Association of Waste Management 29
Calendar 41
Excerpted from foreign specialized periodicals 42

Regular Supplement WASTES AND PRAGUE
Central sewage disposal plant at Prague

Sponsor of the Issue: HK Engineering, s. r. o., Chrudim
Supplier of technologies for air quality control