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Rumanians look for a waste-handling technology supplier 7
11th International Congress and Exhibition ODPADY - LUHAČOVICE 2003 8

Waste of the Month
Wastes from electric and electronic devices 10
What is the subject of the 2002/96/EU Regulation and what does it regulate? 11
Situation in the field of WAAA in the Czech Republic, as seen by a waste-recycling company 12
Collecting of WAAA in Europe 13
Processing of the electric waste: A general view 14
Amounts of WAAA 15
Analysis: What are the amounts of WAAA and how are they handled in the Region of Central Bohemia 15
Amendment to the Act on Wastes: A hope for taking back? 17
TV sets and monitors as wastes 18
Project entitled Electric Waste Handling System in the CR 19
More than mere swallows not making a summer 20
Association of electric wastes recycling companies 20
How do we handle monitors today 21
Taking back of waste light sources 22

Voluntary environmental agreements. A tool for attaining strategic goals of regional waste management 23
Current state of amendments in the field of waste management 24
Survey of methodical instructions and communications of the Department of Wastes of the Ministry of Environment published in the Bulletin of ME in 2003 25

Science and Research
Czech University of Agriculture in Prague, The Technical Faculty, Department of Technological Equipment of Contructions 26

Background of a scientific centre
The Dioxine Program in the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic 27
Background of a scientific centre
Application of oxyhumolite as a sorbent of ammonia in poultry farms 30

Calendar 31
Index 32
Subject and author index of the 2003 year's volume
From foreign periodicals 35