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The Science and Research Project: A check-up day 6
Regional waste-management plans: The beginning 7
The TWINNING seminars 12

Waste of the Month
Biodegradable municipal waste 8
Strategies and tools for handling the biodegradable municipal waste in Europe 8
An excerpt from the article entitled On the Management of Biodegradable Municipal Waste, issued by European Environmental Agency to help to attain the aims laid by the Directive of the EU Council No. 1999/31 on landfills.
Mechanical-biological treatment of wastes 11
Procedures and principles of the commingled municipal waste treatment applied in order to stabilise it and to reduce its volume.

Industrial waste waters 13
Production of biogas from industrial waste waters 13
Nowadays, anaerobic technology of organic pollution removal constitutes a common and perspective sewage purification procedure due to its advantages for environment, energy savings and economy.
A modern solution to the problem of purification and recycling of industrial waste waters 16
A presentation of the ACQUACOMP HARD Company, s.r.o.
Scavenging heavy metals from waste waters and smoke gases 17
How to remove heavy metals bound in the form of soluble complexes.
Waters in industry: economy of the production and environment protection 18
A presentation of the INTREL Company, a.s.
Disposal of industrial emulsions 19
Cationic polymeric flocculant releases petroleum-derived substances without adding mineral acids or changing temperature.

Execution of public administration in municipalities with extended competencies, under the Waste Management Act, since 1st January, 2003 21
An analysis of new powers of local authorities in municipalities with extended competencies
Amendatory Act on atmosphere, EIA, packaging and wastes 24
An excerpt from the text of the amendment under consideration and from the preamble to this bill.

Bulletin of the Czech Waste Management Association 20
Calendar 27
Excerpted from foreign periodicals 28

Regular supplement WASTES AND PRAGUE
Changes of the way of paying the municipal-waste charge

The sponsor of the issue: Pražské služby, a.s. (The Prague Services Company, a.s.)
Pražské služby, a. s., a warrantor of municipal-waste handling in Prague 2