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Spectrum 6
Mr. Leoš Křenek, the director of the Waste Management Department of the Ministry of Environment, interviewed 8
The certification of companies specialised in waste handling in the Czech Republic 9
Information on the contents and ways of implementation.
An association for granting the certificate "Specialised Waste Handling Enterprise" 10
The programme of the Czech-German co-operation in order to pursue objectives in waste management 10
Information on the environment 10
Harmful waste from computers 10
In Austria, the dealers already participate in collecting electronic waste 11
Rejuvenation of the "Biodegradace" conference 11
A fair in Wels, Austria 11

Waste of the Month
Metallic waste
Machinery and devices for handling the metallic-waste 12
A survey of ways of handling, a list of types and trademarks of machines.
Imports and exports of iron scrap 14
Trends of volume of imports and exports in the latest ten years.
Two brief notes on car wrecks 15
Association of Car Industry and its view on the legal regulations of handling discarded cars. A note on the Directive for the Import of Discarded Cars as Waste.
Let's go and see the electric scrap! 17
An EU directive has been issued on the waste from electric and electronic devices. A preparation of the implementation of this directive in the CR.

Integrated prevention
Unknown demands made by the Act on IPPC. Are they justified? 18 Answers to the most frequent questions.
A procedure of obtaining an integrated licence. Principal parties of the procedure 20
Who is concerned by the administrative action of issuing the integrated licence. How to get the integrated licence.
Waste handling and the procedure of IPPC, specification of BAT, application of BREF 22 Who in particular will be concerned by IPPC in the field of waste handling. Not all is clear yet.

A manual for keeping records under the Act No. 185/2001 Coll., on wastes 25
An aid for completing and checking the record forms, as provided for by law. Definitions of some terms being utilised.

Bulletin of the Czech Association of Waste Management 26
WASTES 21 - 3rd annual meeting 27
An invitation for the international conference in the city of Ostrava.
Calendar 28

Utilisation of the sorted components of municipal waste