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The Enviro 2003 Kladno Conference 6
Credibility and interpretation of analytical data 7
EU proposes to deal in greenhouse gases 8
A small municipality was awarded a prize for waste sorting 9

Waste of the Month
Sanitary wastes
Handling the wastes from sanitary facilities 10
A survey of the sanitary-waste handling and the corresponding legislation. Current problems and ways of solving them.
How is sanitary waste being handled in regions 12
A comparison of decontamination and incineration: advantages and disadvantages.
Waste management in the Teaching Hospital at Hradec Králové 15
How are wastes being handled in one of our biggest hospitals.
Disposal of syringes 16
Arguments on the recycling of pharmaceutical packages 16

Analysis and monitoring in the environment
How to optimise the procedure of the choice of the analytical laboratory 17
Performing analyses to the best advantage: Set of suggestions.
Demands on the quality of analyses in the field of environment 20
Criteria of quality and the systems of assessment. Legislative requirements for laboratories.
Water-management analytical data - dreams, plans and reality 22
Monitoring of the waste? and surface waters: Possibilities of solving current problems.
Notice issued by the Waste Department of the Ministry of Environment concerning the arbitration methods and the procedure for the determination of the overall concentration of PCB's 24
When the overall concentration of six congeners is to be measured, the result of the determination is equal to the quintuple of the sum of the content of the individual congeners.

Science and Research
Czech Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Geotechnics 25
A background of a scientific centre.
The biofiltration of aerial materials containing organic pollutants 26
Oxihumolite activated by inoculation has been tested as a packing of the filtration device for the disposal of chlorinated hydrocarbons. The efficiency of the biofilter exceeded 70 %.

From the European Union
Waste management in Finland 28

Waste Handling
Beware of wastes consisting of solidified sealants and adhesives 29
These materials are often declared to be the so-called other wastes but may have hazardous properties.

Calendar 4
Bulletin of the Czech Association of Waste Management 16
Excerpted from foreign periodicals 30

Regular Supplement WASTES AND PRAGUE
Treaty reinsurance of the municipal waste-handling system within the territory of the city i
Municipal waste collection within the territory of the Capital: Information system iii