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Sustainable waste management 8
International aspects of the sustainable waste management. The present situation in the Czech Republic. A proposal of basic principles.
A survey of waste production and handling in 2001 14
Production of municipal and industrial wastes of various origin in various regions, as sorted according the OECD. Production of waste packaging. Recorded ways of handling and recorded facilities for waste utilisation and disposal.
Indices of municipal wastes 17
Specific quantities and composition of municipal waste for different types of built-up areas, percentage of waste packaging, specific mass of commingled municipal waste, its wetness and heating capacity.
Subsidies from the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic 19
Structure of incomes and expenses, assumed expenses till 2010.
Procedure of applying for subsidy 21
Subsidies from the EU funds 21
A survey of European subsidiary funds available now and after accession to EU.
Imports and exports of wastes 23
Summary of imports and exports of wastes and selected secondary raw materials, expressed in tons and Czech Crowns.
Regulations and other EU's documents on wastes 24
Information on proposals.
Survey of standards concerning the waste management 27
New standards, their changes and supplements.
A list of persons authorised by the Ministry of Environment to assess hazardous properties of wastes 28
State by May 31, 2003.

Expert's information behaviour and information needs in waste management 30
Results of a research.
Projects from the database of Central Records of Projects 33
Survey of projects devoted to wastes in 2002 and 2003.
Diploma works devoted to waste handling 36
Works applied to the Comprehensive Catalogue of Diploma Works in 2002.

3rd Annual International Conference WASTES/ODPADY 21 2
Conclusions and recommendations from the conference in the city of Ostrava.
Bulletin of the Czech Association of Waste Management 27
Calendar 39
Directory of the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic 39
Excerpted from foreign periodicals 40

Regular Supplement
Results of the project Waste Management

Plan of the waste management of the CR