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ODPADY/WASTE - LUHAÈOVICE 2007: Jubilee congress and exhibition
Question of the month
The Prague residents separate paper wastes more and more
New dioxine filters installed in the incineration plant at the Prague District of Malešice
Biologically Degradable Wastes - 3rd International conference
Wastes as a topic at the CHISA 2007 Conference

Topic of the Month
Biogas stations: A technology of nationwide significance
Barriers for the development of the biogas technology in the Czech Republic
Practical experience with the preparation of projects of biogas stations in the CR, II. Opposition of the public
The BIOPLYN/BIOGAS 2008 Conference

Forum in Forum
Transboundary transportation of packages or packed products

From the European Union
News from the EU

Methodical recommendations for handling sanitary wastes from hospitals and other health facilities or similar organisations
Potential of recycling in various branches, regions and enterprises
What is it and how to estimate it.
Legal regulation of the taking back of electric appliances, batteries and packages, III.
Completing the articles from issues No. 10 and 11.

Science and Research
Possibilities of utilisation of hydrometallurgy laboratory for teaching, research and development in the field of recycling

Excerpted from foreign specialised periodicals
Index of the 2007 year