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The Minister of Environment answers the questions of our Editorial board

Question of the month
The EnviBrno 2007 Fair
The Zpìtný Odbìr (Taking-Back) 2007 Conference - a new, important meeting of the waste managers
The ODPADY A OBCE (WASTES AND MUNICIPALITIES) 2007 - a high-toned celebration of the round anniversary

An assessment of the present-state fulfilling the Plan of the waste management of the Czech Republic in 2005
Future of the Plan of the waste management of the Czech Republic
The production and handling of some kinds of wastes in the Czech Republic in the period of 2003-2005
Trade with secondary materials
The present state of the legal regulations for the waste management
2006 (and the first term of 2007): Gains and losses
Selected activities of the public administration in the field of waste management. Chronological survey
Usefulness of the preparation of the companies' waste-management plans
Changes of legal regulations being under way
Professional associations in waste management
Standards in waste management
Studies developed for the state administration performance
Subsidies in the sector of waste management, administered by the State Fund of Waste Management of the CR in 2006
The Centre for Waste Management in 2007
The Czech Environmental Inspectorate in 2006
Methodical instructions and communications of the Ministry of Environment for the sector of Waste Management
TOP 10 waste managing companies in the CR
A survey of the EC regulations approved in the period between June 1, 2006 and June 1, 2007
TOP subject of the ODPADY - LUHAÈOVICE 2007 Congress
International associations for the waste management and the related fields
Foreign specialised journals for the waste management, as found in the web

Illegal policy of an officer

Grinders for the 21st century