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Electric waste: Is there a solution to this problem?
Another company with a double certificate

What is included in the amendment to the Act on Wastes?
Act No. 188/2004 Coll. on wastes refers to a number of ways of waste handling, not only discarded vehicles.
Amendment to the Act on packaging
How did Act No. 94/2004 affect package handling? Answers to the most frequent questions.

Waste of the Month
Packages and packaging wastes
Amount of packaging waste
Occurrence of packages in municipal waste.
Financial deposit and environmental tax
Environmental efficiency, economic consequences and international compatibility, costs of adoption and management.
Collection and possible utilisation of packaging wastes
A comparison of efficiencies of the removal and delivery systems, possibilities of utilisation of various kinds of packaging materials.

Topic of the Month
Collection and removal of wastes
Economy of the systems of waste management in municipalities
Overall costs of the collection and sorting system, ways of covering the costs and tolls.
Collection of biowaste into the Compostainer: a right decision
Company's presentation: SSI Schäfer, s.r.o.
Waste-bag collection of the carton packaging of drinks
Experience from North Bohemia.
Collection of beverage carton packaging in Slovakia
Development of biodegradable waste collection
Hygienic and economic collection is the key phase of biowaste utilisation
Layered packaging: Cinderella among packaging wastes
A use of the containers for plastic waste
How many deformed and non-deformed PET bottles can be accommodated?
Biowaste in the house
Is it possible to improve comfort and hygiene in the household through the separation of biowaste?

Science and Research
Application of the LCA study in waste management, 3. Assessment of the utilisation of secondary materials obtained from municipal waste
A comparison of environmental impacts of the production of newspaper pulp and molten glass from primary and secondary materials, production of solid plastic products and alternative fuel from commingled, separate-collection plastic waste.
Inquiry performed in expanded-operation municipalities
The way of data transfer, computer equipment, knowledgeability

From the European Union
News from the EU

WASTE - a specialised Internet journal devoted to wastes, issue 6/2004
New directive of the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic
Information server for wastes
Internet version of the Catalogue of waste marketing.
Sampling and Remediation: A conference
Bulletin of the Association for Allotting the Certificate "Specialised Waste-Handling Company"
Excerpted from foreign periodicals
Biennial periodicity of the ENVIBRNO Fair: Was it useful?

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Rethmann-Jeøala Recycling, s. r. o.