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Spectrum  7
The conference ODPADY 2003 8

Waste of the Month
Tyres 10
Handling the tyres in the world 11
Current situation in the Czech Republic 12
Possibilities of utilization of used tyres 14
Selected technologies of material utilisation 15
Textile obtained from the recycling of the tyres 15
Utilisation of the granulation product for the road building 16
Removing textile from the granulation product of tyre crashing 18


Contaminated site remediation Activities of the Department of Environmental Damage at the Ministry of Environment 20
Contaminated site remediation in an industrial park 22
Application of the controlled-steaming method for the contaminated site remediation 24
Dekonta, a. s. 26
Company presentation
Remediation of the area of the Lovochemie a. s. plant at the town of Lovosice 28

A note on the article entitled "Novel Obligations to Purvey Information for EU on Waste Management" 28
Bulletin of the Czech Association of Waste Management 29
From our bookshelf 29
Two new publications: Recycling; Biogas
The Plan of Waste Management of the CR is taken seriously 30
Reader's opinion
Congresses duplicate their subjects 30
Reader's opinion
The ENVIBRNO Fair enters its second decade 31
Calendar 32

Charges for municipal waste handling between 1998 and 2003
An assessment of the effectiveness of individual methods of billing

Sponsor of the Issue: DEKONTA, a.s.