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An Interview
A minister interviewed: The victory of one or another side of the dispute is not the main thing*6
An interview of Mr. Libor Ambrozek, the Minister of Environment, on the present state of the waste management.

100% utilisation of the fluorescent tubes*8
Jubilee annual Luhaèovice Waste Management Congress*10

The waste of the month
Polychlorinated biphenyls*12
What is the nature of polychlorinated biphenyls, in what form and amounts can they be found in our country.
Filing of PCB as a part of the inventory process*12
Liabilities connected with the filing of the devices containing PCB and a practical application.

The EMAS Programme updated*15
The structure of the programme EMAS II, updated according to the new regulation issued by the ES Council.
Integrated licensing procedure for setting up landfills and EMS*16
EMS in the military sector*16
Information technology and introducing EMS*17
New information and communication technologies supporting the introduction of EMS.
Prevention of serious accidents - An assessment of the hazard by an insurance company*19
How does the EMS certification proceed in the IPS Skanska Group*22

Science and Research
Analytical Laboratories Plzeò, Ltd., an analytic, diagnostic and expert centre*24
A background of a scientific centre.
Used edible oils and fats*25
The utilisation of used edible fats for the production of motor fuels.

Payments for municipal waste - a few notes on possible forms*28
A detailed description of three possibilities of how to collect municipal waste charge, according to the legal regulation valid since 2003.

The works connected with the waste management concept for the Central Bohemia Region are close to completion*14
A conference on biogas in the town of Tøeboò*18
Rescue the data!!!*21
State Environmental Fund - Spanish experience with financing the environment from the European funds*27
Bulletin of the Czech Association of Waste Management*30

Presentation of companies
EMSoftware - a good tool for introducing and maintaining the system of environmental management*23