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A pile of disposed refrigerators, once located near the town of Kácov, finally disappeared  -  3

Technology for Environment Protection: the most important waste management conference in Slovakia  -  6

5th Conference on Reclamation Technologies  -  7

Municipalities: Their prospects in waste market  -  8

Czech-German co-operation "stock market"  -  9

A Yearbook of Waste Management

The situation and development of the waste management  -  10
Features of the present state of the waste management in the Czech Republic and principles and priorities of its further evolution

A survey of the production of wastes and facilities for their processing  -  15
Production of wastes, as classified according to their origin and region; numbers and capacities of facilities for waste utilisation and disposal.

A hierarchy of waste handling: landfills or incinerating plants?  -  15
A comparison of strategic documents of the EU and the CR: A complex comparison of combustion and landfilling from the viewpoint of environmental impact.

A list of useful web sites  -  20

Relevant documents of the European Union  -  21
Waste handling: a supplement added to the survey of European regulations, valid on 30th April, 2002.

A roll of persons authorised by the Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Health to assess dangerous properties of wastes  -  22
A list of all authorised individuals, valid on 31st December, 2001.

A survey of regulations for waste management  -  26

State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic  -  28
An outline of programmes of endowment.

Regional concepts of waste management   -  29
An overview of manufacturers state of negotiations, information sources.

Regional centres of the State Environmental Fund of the CR    29

Basic principles applied to putting together the conception texts    36
A description of individual principles and their importance.

Science and Research

Projects selected from the Central Project Database  -  30
A survey of grants awarded in the field of waste management.

Theses (diploma works) focused on waste management  -  
A survey of Theses defended at the Czech and Slovak universities in 2001.

A list of universities that engage in the study of waste handling    35


The Bulletin of the Czech Association of Waste Management  -  14