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Preparation of the Plan of Waste Management of the Czech Republic*6

Controversial charge for waste handling*8
Further voluntary agreements signed*11
State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic - Disposed refrigerators disappear in the Plzen region: where to?*25

Waste of the Month
Biological waste*13
Strategy of municipal biowastes handling in the Czech Republic*13
Composting in the landfill foundations*15

Topic: IPPC and BAT
Act on the integrated prevention: a revolution in the legal protection of environment*16
IPPC and wastes*18

Science and Research
Background of a scientific center - the Mining School - Technical University in Ostrava, Faculty of Machine Industries, Department of Power Supply*20
Stabilization/solidification of salts from incinerators of wastes using an asphalt binder*22

Bulletin of the Czech Association of the Waste Management*25
Excerpted from foreign specialized periodicals*26
Calendar of forthcoming events*28

Commercial Publicity
Envicongress accompanied by an international exhibition*3

Legislative Pages of the Journal
- a freely inserted supplement
An analysis of liabilities of manufacturers, dealers and sellers of the packages according to the recently adopted Act No. 477/2001 Coll., on packages and on changes of some other Acts*1
Amendment to the Act on wastes implemented through the recently adopted Act on packages*8