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Advertising in Waste management forum is an efficient way to enter Czech and Slovak waste managing and eco-service markets. The basic price of one full page advertising in Waste management forum is CZK 32 000 per page or  €1200 per page.  The full price list is attached here.

Advertising insertion order

Orders for the publication of advertisements are accepted on the basis of the client‘s
written order (by mail or e-mail) or contract according to the supplied advertising
materials. The order must contain the full business name and address of the contracting
party, as well as register numbers and bank account number, issue date of order, stamp
and signature. If the order does not state the date of publication, publisher places the
ad in the earliest possible issue. The client is responsible for the correctness of both
technical and content materials.


Markéta Švančarová


Tel.: (+420) 602 328 938