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Another American grant to support alternative energy sources 6
A conference entitled Autumn Days of Wastes: A report 7
An international congress and fair devoted to wastes, held in Vienna 8

Cleaning of the waste gases 10
Historian's view: From Ringelmann smoke chart of 1884 to the present National emission limit.
A survey of pollutants and the ways of their removal 10
Legislation requirements and a survey of technologies of waste?gas scavenging, as applied to substances subjected to taxation, as well as other pollutants.

Science and Research
Research Institute of Crop Production in Prague-Ruzynì 18
A background of a research centre.
Enzymatic hydrolysis of manipulation hide wastes 20
From land-filling of hide wastes to their processing to get industrial fertilisers.

Waste Handling
Wastes utilised for reclamations 22
A complex survey of mining area reclamations using various kinds of wastes, especially industrial composts.

Advertisement price list 3
Editorial plan of the Journal for 2002 3
Excerpted from foreign periodicals 24
Index of the 2002 volume 26
Subject and author indices, a list of advertisers.
Calendar 29
State Environmental Fund of the CR 30

Presentation of a Company
HK Engineering, Ltd.
: Purification of waste gases, a solution by HK Engineering 16

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HK Engineering, Ltd. - Engineering - Supplies - Business - Consultation