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Spectrum 6
The genuine Pollutec is of French origin 8
What was new to see at the Lyon Fair.
Safe way of waste handling 10
On a conference entitled as above that was held in the town of Ústí nad Labem.
Wastes: An unemphatically presented subject at the ECO CITY Fair 11
A discussion seminar of the Czech Waste Management Association held at the ECO CITY Fair 11
Main topics: certification of enterprises in the field of waste management and Act on Packaging.

Waste of the Month
Biogas 12
Biogas plants, as applied in municipal facilities 12
Production of biogas is predetermined for the application in the municipal sector. Reasons: Possibility of combined processing of organic wastes from agriculture, municipalities, and industry, complex energy recovery of the evolving biogas for both electricity and heat generation (combined heat and power), redemption price of electric power of 2.50 Czech Crowns per kWh, and state subsidy in the form of subventions and loans.
Anaerobic digestion, fermentation or stabilisation? 13
In the Czech specialised terminology, the term "anaerobní digesce" ("anaerobic digestion") is recommended for the technology of the biogas production. As a synonym, "anaerobní fermentace" or "anaerobní vyhnívání" ("anaerobic fermentation") can be used.
Anaerobic fermentation of municipal wastes vs. landfillling 14
Usability of solid residue from the biogas production depends on the batch purity. A promising alternative for producing biogas from unsorted or residual municipal waste can be landfill bodies equipped with a gas collecting facility operated in the regime of its maximum performance.
Production and utilisation of biogas in agriculture 15
Possible technological solutions for agricultural biogas plants. Examples of realisations (embodiments?) in the Czech Republic.
Operation of gas engines using biogases. Long term experience 18
Present state of the cogeneration utilisation of biogas in the Czech Republic, technical conditions of the gas-engine operation, and factual experience from the operation.

Waste collection and transportation 20
Five renowned specialists answer the following questions: Where in the Czech Republic is the main source of economic problems connected with collection and transportation of sorted and commingled waste? What trends in collection and transporation of wastes can be seen in Europe?

Science and Reaserch
Processing of the veterinary sanitation waste by an anaerobic technology 23
To dispose of bone meal, it is more advantageous to utilise it for the biogas generation by an anaerobic fermentation than to incinerate it.
Adsorption of ammonia coming from the livestock stables 25
To trap ammonia and other nitrogen containing substances from the air in the livestock stables, the zeolite sorbents may preferably be utilised.

Bulletin of the Czech Waste Management Association 19
Calendar 28

Regular Supplement - WASTES AND PRAGUE
Waste-collection yards of the city

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