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Consultations on basic terms in waste management, finally!
Chopping up wood: greatest success at the Pragotherm Fair

Waste of the Month
Sludges from sewage disposal plants
The strategy of handling sewage disposal plant sludges
How to treat sludges. Energy in sludges. How to reduce the sludge production.
Sewage disposal plant sludges in European Union
Preparation of a new directive. European Committee have issued a comprehensive study: Ways of Removing and Recycling the Sewage Disposal Plant Sludges.
Present legislation relating to municipal sewage disposal plant sludges: Is it satisfactory?
Legislation relating to municipal sewage disposal plant sludges is not fully elaborate and contains inconsistencies.
Technology of stabilization of sewage disposal plant sludge with a sanitary effect
Sanitary methods and their examples.
Technical solution to the sanitation of sludges
Chemical sanitation by lime. Thermal sanitation and stabilisation - the Aerotherm method and pasteurisation.
Thermal conditionation of sludge
Joint incineration of sewage disposal plant sludges in power plants or cement works
Incineration of dried sludges in a cement factory is a unique method of sludge utilisation whereas joint incineration of dried sludges in a power plant is unsuitable.
A seminar and a conference devoted to sewage disposal plant sludges

Topic of the Month
Industrial wastewater
Do we know what is the liquid waste?
What is the relation between the liquid waste and wastewater?
Liquid wastes as seen by an inspector
Waste middlemen's tricks: Mix and dissolve! How to prevent it?
Reduction of pollution of industrial wastewater before performing the biological purification step
Practical examples of how to reduce the pollution in advance.
Hazardous liquid waste disposal
The filtration through activated carbon and the solidification using fly ash from fluidised combustion.

Science and Research
An application of the LCA study on waste management.
2. Collection, transportation, landfilling and incineration
Results of an assessment of environmental impacts of the residual municipal waste handling system, as compared with landfilling and incineration.

This year, the conference on remediations will take place at the town of Luhaèovice
WASTE - a specialised Internet journal 5/2004
Information server on waste - Current affaires
Excerpted from foreign periodicals
Bulletin of the Czech Association of Waste Management