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Modern technology for waste collection and transport 6
Non-traditional sources of energy 7
The second life of tyres 33

A note on the Plan of Waste Management of the Czech Republic 8
Deputy Minister interviewed: The Plan 8
Deputy Minister of Environment answers the questions put by the editorial board. Subject: Plan of Waste Management of the CR.
A list of realisation programmes of the CR for the period of 2003-2005 9
Realisation programmes and their officially demanded structure.
The Plan, as seen by regional autonomy 10
An essay on the legislative aspects of the Plan of Waste Management of the CR.

Waste of the Month
Fishpond sediments 12
Will it be possible to utilise the sediments in agriculture?
Utilisation of the sediments from the ponds and basins in agriculture 12
An opinion declared by the Ministry of Agriculture.
Legal situation in the utilisation of the sediments in agriculture 13
The standpoint of the Ministry of Environment.
Circumstances and connections of the agricultural utilisation of the fishpond sediments 14
Volumes of the sediments in fishponds according to emergency. Average concentrations of toxic metals. Reasons of difficulties with removing the mud. Possible solutions to the problem.
A communication issued by the Department of Wastes at the Ministry of Environment 16
An excerption from the communication: Sediments as an item in the Catalogue of Wastes.

Waste treatment 17
Biological treatment of wastes 17
Methods and microbiological aspects. Examples of practical application.
Mechanico-biological treatment of wastes. Possibilities of biotechnology 20
The present state of technology. Decomposition of organic substances. Characterisation of the stability of the treated wastes.
Waste-recycling yard at Pitterling 22
An intention to build a centre for the complex utilisation of municipal wastes.
A novelty for treating waste tyres 24
A press for the tyres will appear in our market.
A technique for composting 25
A survey of techniques suitable (necessary) for the operation of a composting plant.

Science and Research
Sludge from sewage disposal plants. The sludge: Is it a waste or a fertiliser? 28
A survey of the production of the sewage sludge. Sewage sludge handling in the member states of EU in the period of 1980-1990 and in 2000. Sludge handling in individual regions of the CR. The amount of toxic metals present in the yearly production of sludge in selected regions of the CR.
Biofilters for purifying waters contaminated by organic substances 31
A check of efficiency of removing non?polar extractable substances and polyaromatic hydrocarbons from contaminated groundwaters using a microbial film anchored on a support (oxihumolite).

Recycling - The Plan of Waste Management of the CR - Zero Waste 11
A response to the activities of the environmental non-government organisations.
ODPADY LUHAČOVICE 2003: 11th International Congress and Exhibition 26
Preliminary programme. Hits of the congress and exhibition. Contents of the proceedings. Social programme.

The flood in 2002. The course and the results of waste handling.