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Waste of the Month
Packaging waste*10
Packaging Act and its boons for communities and environment*10
What does the new Act bring about for communities, citizens, obliged persons, and environment. Packaging in Czech technical standards*12
Brief contents of nine new standards referring to packaging.
Packaging in Denmark and Germany*14

Topic: Collection and Transport of Wastes
Collection and municipal composting of biological wastes in the Czech Republic*16
The present state of collection of biowastes from municipal sources, possible systems of collection and targets for nearest years.
Transport of municipal wastes from recreation areas*18
Amendment to the Local Tax Act will enable the transport of municipal wastes to be practiced even in recreation areas. An outline of three possible systems of collecting.
Children's safety lock - a novelty that "worries"*4
"Flat top" waste containers: an alternative to those with children's safety lock.

Science and Research
Sites contaminated by finegrain waste from metallurgical works*22
waste from metallurgical works*22 Furnace and steelworks sludge disposed in sedimentation basins of the Nová hu Ostrava metallurgical plant contain hundreds of thousands of tons of utilizable iron.

Policy of waste management in regions
The Hradec Králové region in its half-time*24
An analytical part of the concept has been completed.

Questions important not only for waste managers*24
Answers to selected questions, as presented by the Deputy Minister of Environment.
Updating of the programs of the State Environmental Fund for the utilization of renewable energy sources*25
Waste management plan of the Czech Republic*28
All relevant documents for the conception of the plan are presented on

Calendar of forthcoming events*25
Excerpted from foreign specialized periodicals*26
The Bulletin of the Czech Association of the Waste

Commercial Publicity
The municipal VOLVO undercarriage on the Czech market*5

Legislative Pages of the Journal
- a freely inserted supplement
Implementing provision referring to the "Green List" of wastes, as issued by the Department of Wastes of the Ministry of Environment*1